Mi bot/Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Mi bot/Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This Vacuum cannot be used in long hair carpets. Vacuum detected that main brush created too much ground friction.
This vacuum cannot be used for cleaning rugs.
Please choose Mainland Chinese as your region in this case.
It extends the lifespan of the battery while consuming tiny amounts of power.
Your vacuum can do that only if it’s at least 20% charged.
Clean the dust bin, filter, and the main brush.
Mi Robot Vacuum battery has no memory effect, feel free to use the vacuum after it’s been fully charged.
Try running it off and then turn on again.
Make sure there aren’t any obstacles around the dock. If the vacuum is too far away from the dock, bring it closer and try again.
Make sure that one end of the power cord is connected to the power outlet and the other one is connected to the dock. If charging contacts are covered with dust , wipe them clean with a dry cloth.
Make sure the vacuum is charged. Dock it for a while and try again. Your vacuum won’t turn on if the temperature are lower than 0 degree celsius or higher than 50 degree celsius. Mi robot Vacuum is supposed to work normally in temperature range of 0-40 degree celsius.
If rebooting the system doesn’t seem to solve the problem, press the reset button once while holding Home button. You’ll hear a voice prompt which means that the factory reset was successful.
Update your vacuum firmware using the app on your phone. Make sure the vacuum is docked and at least 20% charged when the firmware is being updated. The loop indicator will turn white and start blinking to finish resetting.
If you change your router settings, forgot your Wi-Fi password, or can’t connect to the vacuum for any other reason, open the vacuum cover so you can see the Wi-Fi indicator, then press and hold home and power simultaneously until you hear the voice prompt “Resetting Wi-Fi”. Wait until the Wi-Fi indicator starts blinking to finish resetting.
Make sure the Wi-Fi password you’ve entered is correct. Try connecting after you enter the password again. Mi Robot Vacuum only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and doesn’t support 5GHz networks. Network names and passwords shouldn’t contain Chinese characters and other special symbols. We also don’t recommend using firewalls and MAC address filters on your router. Make sure the vacuum gets good Wi-Fi signal coverage. You can also reset your Wi-Fi, download the latest version of the app, and try to connect again.